Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Change in the fast lane... and I'm in a new ebook!

Photography by GraemeTek

When Deb from Home Life Simplified asked me to write something for her new collaborative ebook, I jumped at the chance. There have been a few offers of late that I've had to turn down; they just didn't feel right. But this one felt like a yes.

I wrote it and it poured out of me. Weeks later, I was slightly uncomfortable reading it. Was it not true? No, that wasn't it; every word is true. But I wrote it with a different mindset that I have now. I was in the thick of it and holding onto a few things that I've since let go.
"Everything happens for you, not to you." Byron Katie

For. Not to. 

That's why I was slightly uncomfortable; I was still holding onto resentment and blame. Very quickly (yes I seem to be in the fast lane!) I am realising and accepting that I wouldn't be me right now, where I am, were it not for my past. And amazingly sometimes you can look back at something you've regretted or something you've always looked at as bad luck and start to see it as a gift. I see so many in my life right now. Sounds uncool, but it's true.

Nevertheless I invite you to read what I wrote. That was me a few months ago. If I wrote it today, parts of it would be different. But the good stuff is still the same. And there are so many other courageous women sharing their thoughts on passion, connection, mindful living and celebrating life. So you really do have to read it!

Speaking of good stuff, this is some of Graeme's recent photography work that I talk about in the ebook. Like I said, I'm cheering him on. Meanwhile, I've got things of my own that I'm working on. It's all perfect timing. It always is.


  1. What a wonderful project to be part of, I can't wait to read your piece and those of all the other amazing women who have made contributions. Gorgeous photography above too, especially the sting ray shot! x

  2. I LOVE that top photo! It's just gorgeous. I'm going to read your article tonight when I have some time spare xx


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