Friday, 20 December 2013

A Christmas message (words from children's books)

I start this post with huge thanks for Jodi. Not only did I win her amazing Minted giveaway this week (god I'm excited about choosing some new stationery!), but a book recommendation of hers led to us reading what I think is the best ever Christmas book. The message in it was so profound. And the fact the story is set in Australia makes it all the more.

Just like Applesauce (a pig!) felt his Christmas cheer dampen from the burnt bushland that surrounded him, I too can let the hype and dazzle around me take the shine off.

But 'Christmas comes from the heart'. It's how we feel inside, how connected we are to ourselves and to each other that makes Christmas. It's from the inside out. Not the outside in.

So in spite of what the world looks like on the outside, we can make Christmas truly beautiful inside. By slowing right down and focusing on what's really important. It's never ever about the stuff.

The perfect message for children, and us, at this time of year.

Wherever you are, whether you're in the land of gum trees or the land of oaks, have a wonderful Christmas. May it be Slow, may it be from the Heart and may it make you Sing (inside and out).


Three Christmas books. One you can't help but sing the words with a 'dee-dum dee-da' beat (the boys love it); one about loss and finding joy again; and one that captures the essence of Christmas so perfectly.

There was a sheep went out to reap, on Christmas Day, on Christmas Day. There was a sheep went out to reap on Christmas Day in the morning! On Christmas Day in the Morning, John Langstaff, Melissa Sweet

When he finally took the picture to his workbench and began to carve, his fingers worked quickly and surely. He carved all through the night. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, Susan Wojciechowski, P.J. Lynch

Owl watched over Applesauce. He saw the curl in her tail unwind and called out, 'Christmas comes from the heart, Pig, from the heart.' His voice was a soothing lullaby across the burnt hills. Applesauce and the Christmas Miracle, Glenda Millard, Stephen Michael King

More words from children's books


  1. "Its never about the stuff".
    So true.

  2. Yes- may it be slow. My thoughts exactly. Merry Christmas x

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