Thursday, 17 October 2013

Words from children's books | woodcraft, integrity, daring

When we first moved to Australia four years, home was a moving caravan along the east coast. We needed lots of things to get us on the road; one was a good portable fridge. I set out one weekend and drove to dozens of garage sales and picked up camping gear, fishing equipment and kitchenware. There at the last garage sale that day was the exact fridge we were after.

It has happened so many times since that I often tell my funny garage-sale stories. I've found it amusing and a little strange how I decide we need something and then find it shortly afterwards for sale in someone's driveway. A stoneware water filter, rusty wheelbarrows oozing character to use as planters (yes, rusty and characterful – I've been that specific!), woollen rugs and an old wooden barbecue for Graeme to convert into a fish bench have all been found this way.

As I've become more aware over the past year, I now understand it's just the Law of Attraction at work. It's me focusing and it's the Universe delivering.

A few weekends ago, I decided the boys' craft table was too low and too big. I wanted a normal-height table, and longer please. My friend unwittingly saved me the trip – she turned up one day with that exact table in the back of her ute along with two chairs. She had bought them for herself and was about to take them home, but we ended up swapping. My old table was just right for her clan.

When I step back and think about all this, I think WOW. I manifest stuff all the time; I just haven't been aware until now.

It turns out my manifesting extends way beyond garage sales. Luca had been asking about wood – all the different types, the trees, the different woods in our house. I was guessing, and wishing at the same time there was a book on this. Not a heavy stuffy reference book, but something else...

And there it was, at the library a couple of weeks later almost shining at me on the bookshelf. Woodlore. Gosh, this book is beautiful. So simple, but so beautiful.

I bring you three books as usual that we've been reading lately: something on woodcraft, something with integrity and something with a whole lot of daring.

When ships sailed out from dock to trade, of Burmese Teak the decks were made.
Woodlore, Cameron Miller and Dominique Falla. Age 4+

Soon, people thought, soon Annabelle will run out of yarn. But it turned out she didn't. So Annabelle made sweaters for things that didn't even wear sweaters. 
Extra Yarn, Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen. Age 3+

The mighty ocean was glad to welcome them back. At one time they had laughed at Edwin, but they admired him today. And 'necks out for adventure' is what those brave wiggleskins now say! 
Necks Out for Adventure! Timothy Basil Ering. Age 4+

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  1. Me too. Today my dad rocked up with a preloved desk for my Lulu!
    The only thing that didn't quite make the cut was a half wine barrel. I was sooooo excited when I saw the gem on the curb that I hurled with all my might (and a friends) and got it into the back of my car, but when I got home hubby looked at me like i had two heads. "Are you serious darl?", "yep, why"...."it's full of termites" sigh.

    1. Oh no! Yes I like the look of wine barrels too. x

  2. I'm going to lookout for woodlore. Can i suggest the wonder of trees by andrea fromherz. Has seasonal activities for kids for all the major trees not just identification either it has a strong spiritual aspect. Just lovely.

    1. Thanks Max. Just tried the library but they don't have it. Will have to ask them to purchase it. x


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