Saturday, 16 March 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Luca: I mentioned this little fellow on Facebook a while ago, and he's back again. Actually, this is his fifth visit. Our little frog likes to come in with the washing and surprises us by hiding in the bedroom or the laundry. This is the first time Luca was awake (we always find him at night) and he was beside himself.

Kian: He wouldn't eat the crab. So he ate a little melon followed by some maple-cured bacon instead – not exactly our usual breakfast fare but if we're going to camp, I make sure we have something good to wake up to!

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My favourite from the 52 family: very striking sepia from Black Blonde Brunette


  1. Both gorgeous shots Vanessa but especially the first which is absolutely precious! x

  2. We had a resident frog overnight not so long ago too, not unlike yours. Ours was hidden in the sink! Beatiful shots of your boys as usual! And I've been looking into camping in Bouddi National Park after your post!

  3. You always post lovely photos!
    That first one is particularly sweet...he is so tender with that frog!

  4. Love seeing photos of your boys - so cute! We have toad overload in our village at the moment, they're crossing from their winter hideouts to the stock pond on the other side of the road. Your little man is being very careful with that frog!

  5. Oh really sweet and such precious pics. Your way to capture all that beauty is amazing and i love it..xx

  6. You've captured a really beautiful and tender moment there with Luca and the frog. Kian always so very cute. xx


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